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Discontinuous Multistep Rolling Procedure

Patent-Nr. EP 1 183 117

Profiled tapes, that means metal tapes with longitudinal profiles on top and bottom side, have been milled for decades.

The demands on these tapes concerning profile tolerances and surface quality have today already exceeded the limits of what is achievable with the milling procedure.

For this reason it was necessary to develop a procedure meeting not only the demands of today, but guaranteeing above all the quality parameters that will be required in future, too.

HJB Rolling Mill Technology GmbH developped and was granted a patent for the "Discontinuous Multistep Rolling Procedure“ DMS rolling procedure which now allows to produce profiled tapes in noncutting shaping, that is in a cold rolling procedure.

Discontinuous Rolling

that is interrupted rolling of tapes by sections with the upper or lower roll alone or both together in the same or reverse direction of tape running.

Multistep Rolling

that is milling by sections in one or the other milling direction or alternately in both directions on the same section of the tape.

The DMS rolling procedure rolls the profiles by sections into the tapes rectangularly to the direction of the tape. No fissures will develop in the tape between the profiled sections which have been rolled and those not yet rolled.

In addition, the rolling processes integrated in the DMS rolling procedure such as egalizing, glazing rolling, profiling or mask rolling, which are achievable with the discontinuous rolling cycle operating in multiple steps, will guarantee utmost flexibility in applying the required combined rolling processes.

Thus, profiled tapes can be produced made of single or multiple layers in nearly any shaping desired and meeting highest requirements to accuracy of the profiles related to their dimension, surface quality and their repeatability.

With the Discontinuous Multistep Rolling Procedure, the company HJB Rolling Mill Technology GmbH has not only written a new chapter in the production of high-precision profiled tapes but also the prologue to a hundred per cent exploitation.