The continuously increasing demand of the mintage industry to manufacture strips for coin lamina with more precise gauge tolerances up to ±1,5 μm, better quality in evenness and surface and to minimize investments for new cold rolling mills caused us to develop a new concept of rolling mill plants. The new concept of the plant does not only guarantee rolled strips with highest quality parameters, but also a minimum of investment as you can continue to use the existing manufacturing plants. Since our concept will be adjusted to your individual requirements it guarantees for the most cost-saving quality improvement of your products.

Mint Industry

Precious metal Processing Industry


Programme Kind of material = 22 carat gold (916.66 Au), 925 and 999 carat Ag
Width of material = (40-100) mm
Initial thickness of material = upto 3
Final thickness of material = 0,1 mm
Coil weight max. = 300 kg
Coil inner diameter = 500mm
Coil outer diamter max. = 1000 mm
Final thickness tolerances = ±1,5 μm